About Us

We would like to share with you the latest news and pictures of the maintenance of our boats. As you can see on these pictures, our two 32-foot speed boats, named Eduardoños, and our 32-foot Catamaran have been renovated on the inside as well as the hulls.

This is periodical maintenance to ensure our service, reliability and safety continues to be optimal.

Furthermore we’ll count with four boats total this coming season, all of them with top-of-the-line twin engines, 200hp and 250hp, 2016 and 2017 models.

We’re also expecting a brand new boat by the end of November, of 42 feet in length, 9 feet wide and with a commanding tower. It will be named Montezuma Express. We will also be adding a brand new Nissan mini bus to remain on the leading edge, looking forward and getting ready for the coming high season.

In addition to this we have changed our design and logos. Our boat fleet is not yellow anymore, they are now white with red and blue stripes like our national flag.

Zuma Tours was established in Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula in 1993. Formerly a part of Aventuras en Montezuma, we have become independent over the years using our love and respect of the tropical wilderness and marine life to provide an extensive option of excursions to meet the needs of our clientele.

At Zuma Tours, our team prides itself on offering direct and personal contact with you, our guests, as we assist you in choosing activities for your utmost enjoyment of Montezuma and surrounding areas like Tambor, Curu wild life refuge, Cabo Blanco reserve, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Manzanillo, Herradura, Jaco and other areas in Costa Rica.

Our commitment to excellent service in the tourism industry of Costa Rica has earned us a renowned reputation for distinction and responsibility. Join us on your stay in Montezuma for an unforgettable experience, and you will see why choosing Zuma Tours makes your vacation fun and easy!

Ivan Rutter, the founder of our company, has combined his passion for fishing and ocean sports, along with his years of experience in Pacific and Caribbean beach towns to create what has become one of the most exciting and reliable excursion offices in Costa Rica. His close attention to detail and select choice in team members has given Zuma Tours outstanding results with each and every trip.

Come out and play with Zuma Tours!

Our Commitments

Encountering a new country is one of the best ways of opening one’s mind. In Zuma Tours we relieve that tourism can promote acceptance, cultural understanding and environmental consciousness. In our daily work we continuously try to put into practice the principles we consider are basic for achieving a better way of doing tourism with little impact on the environment and big impact on each traveler’s experiences.

Our People

Our crew has a genuine passion for travel and can help you get the most out of the places you are visiting. They work hard and play hard.

The job satisfaction comes from introducing people to amazing places, meeting fascinating locals and making damned sure everyone has a blast in the process.

We pride ourselves on the training given to our crew, which, combined with their own resourcefulness, common sense and teamwork means they are well equipped to deal with whatever the road throws at them. All this allows you to go off and have as much fun as humanly possible!

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